Well, it’s a reality – empty nest

It’s official. I am an empty nester and a new dog owner.

My daughter feels like the puppy is replacing the children. I like to think that my husband
and I are such good parents that we owe it to society to raise another good soul. ;>

First official weekday without wondering when kids are coming home.
So far it has been ok.

We had a FABULOUS weekend in Savannah getting the kids secured in their dorm rooms.
Casey moved herself into an adorable apartment/dorm. She has her own room and shares a full kitchen and 2 baths with 3 other girls. It is VERY nice…and befitting a senior at SCAD.

Thomas has an large room right by The Hive…cafeteria extraordinaire. He has already begun his life of creativity immersion, making art for his room out of disgarded fan blades.

I had planned on getting a picture of the four of us, but it never happened.
Here is my favorite photo of the weekend. We always eat at Vinnie Van GoGo’s…best pizza, hands down. Always crowded and they don’t take anything but cash. Go Go….

at Vinnie Van GoGo's

at Vinnie Van GoGo’s

  1. Edwina said:

    Ahhh…I feel you, girlfriend. My eyes are a little misty. But how terrific it is to have raised two young artists, following in your footsteps, on their way to a life of creative endeavor. You must be so proud. And I agree with your girl. The pup is filling a void. But what’s wrong with that? :-)


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